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Doing some research on Social Media trends for 2012 and came across the following the following trends in an article posted by the Social Media Examiner. The following statistics will be listed below and were all gathered through multiple companies and questionnaires filled out by many Online Marketers, Marketing Managers, Business Owners and Social Media Managers.

  • “97% believe social media marketing benefits their business” – Wldfire App
  • “75% intend to increase spending this year [2012]” – Wldfire App
  • “88% believe Social Media Marketing (SMM) is used to build brand awareness” – Wldfire App
  • “85% believe SMM is used to engage in dialogue” – Wldfire App
  • “58% believe SMM is used to increase sales and partnerships” – Wldfire App
  • “41% believe SMM is used to reduce costs” – Wldfire App

According to Borell Associates, small to medium sized businesses (SMB) “will double their social media advertising budget in 2012. That’s up to an estimated $2 billion in the U.S. alone”.  WOW!

An organization by the name of Altimeter Group managed to find out that Measuring ROI is one of the largest barriers Marketers are facing today. Only 52% of Marketers are even measuring ROI for SMM. While 18% don’t at all, and the other 30% are planning to.

It is quite amazing to see that not much analysis from an ROI perspective is going into SMM, even though it is the fastest growing channel of advertising considering its popularity and depending on your industry, the most cost effective too. Good luck! If you are having troubles or experiencing ‘growing pains’, you know who to call.

Jeff Bulzak
DEO Business Services


Source: Social Media Examiner
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